Actus Data delivers the benefits of big data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence without all the headaches

Companies come to us when they are ready to:

Use data to make better decisions

Gain sustainable competitive advantage

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Build opportunities and drive growth

Transform data into action

Advanced Analytics

“Actus Data has made my life a ton easier. I am now able to provide our operators and executive team with timely results to identify actionable opportunities – and we are only scratching the surface of where we can go.”

Joe Dennen, CFO, Tokyo Joe’s

Looking for more opportunities?  With Actus Data you can…

Stop Juggling Spreadsheets

Get all your data in one place and up-to-date with all the analytics you need

Know Your Customer

Get AI driven customer personas and drill into details at the most granular level

Swap Reactive for Proactive

Get notified about potential problems before it is too late to change course

Know What’s Working 

Get trending or the ROI of marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and other initiatives

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How it works

Actus Data does much more than aggregation and reporting. We are a Data Science as a Service business that will grab your data from practically any source, quickly load it into our proprietary models, and deliver data-driven insights from a growing library of advanced analytics modules – and we do it all in the cloud so there is no need for new software, additional staff, or expensive consultants.


Our models and analytics are quickly deployed as solutions for any business or role. Here are some of our most popular:



Get the insights you need to run a better business

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Know where you stand in time to change course

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Use data to improve efficiency and reduce waste

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See your ROI, identify what’s working, eliminate what’s not

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Understand your customer, exceed your targets

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Solve problems before they reach your customers

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Analytics far beyond the most advanced marketing or reporting tools

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Value-added insights using data from the floor to the front office

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Financial Services

Up-to-the-minute metrics for faster decisions and increased growth

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Health Care

Proprietary models that do more with data from disparate sources

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Automated actions driven by integrated device and external data

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Improved visibility based on data from the field and public outlets

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More insights mean more opportunities, more opportunties mean more growth

It is time for you to transform data into action

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