The future of business decision making will be driven by data, Big Data, and the advanced analytics necessary to extract insights from that data. Welcome to Actus Data – a Data Science as a Service company that delivers powerful, flexible, and affordable Big Data analytics solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Data Science as a Service (DsaaS)

The Data Analytics Lifecycle

Actus Data works alongside your key staff to integrate the considerable data your company is already producing and uses the next-generation Smart Enterprise Engine Business Intelligence and analytics platform to transform that data into action. Identify and set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other metrics, quickly build and access dashboards and data visualizations, and benefit from advanced predictive analytics and automations all without building your own team of data science specialists, combining a long list of point-solution data analytics companies, or hiring expensive consultants. With your data as a starting point you will follow the Data Analytics Lifecycle to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and improved profits on your way to reaching your goals – and you will be able to track your progress at every step of the way.

Accurate and timely data combined with a cutting edge cloud-based business analytics system leads to improved Business Intelligence, smarter business decisions, and more success.

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  • Cloud-based Business Intelligence software
  • Comprehensive library of data connectors
  • Self-serve advanced and predictive analytics
  • Embedded data dashboard and data visualization tools
  • Advanced predictive analytics
  • Timely and accurate business insights
  • KPI identification and tracking
  • Highly responsive US-based support

If you are currently struggling with data that is hidden in different systems and silos, wrestling piles of complicated and error-prone spreadsheets, and missing the value-added metrics, KPIs, and insights that will give you a competitive advantage, Actus Data has the solution. Contact us today to discuss what the Actus Data next-generation analytics platform and your data can do for you.