MODELS AT A GLANCE Included is a representative group of prebuilt models utilized by Actus Data Smart Enterprise Engine

Historical Sales Analytics

  • Historical view of sales data from near real-time to as far back in time as exists in the source database
  • Sales data is sliced and diced by time, product, customer, store, and any other dimensions that are in the source system
  • Multidimensional approach to sales analytics gives the end user an adjustable view to show different views of sales history and performance

Customer Profiling

  • Accomplished through a proprietary algorithm that runs against historical customer data and produces a pattern, or matrix, of customer preferences
  • Groups of customers with similar buying patterns or product preferences can be clustered together and marketed to as if they were one customer

Customer Churn and Retention

  • Customer Retention graphs show how long customers are likely to stay loyal
  • Hazard curves describe the probability of a customer defecting after a given number of months
  • Next purchase date predictions show when a customer is leaning towards defection

RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary) Scoring

  • Monthly RFM snapshots
  • Analysis is done against this RFM history to show RFM trending
  • Predict defections, changes in customer purchase behavior, and up-sell opportunities

Inventory Movement

  • Inventory movement activities help users better understand the velocity of the supply chain
  • Returns, transfers, and receipts are all captured and stored in multidimensional structures
  • Provide insights into critical business processes

Unique Person Identification

  • Fuzzy grouping and fuzzy lookup clean historical customer records and maintain clean data
  • Customizable to the individual customer field
  • No data is deleted; duplicates are flagged as such, and retained so a human user can make a decision regarding the system’s accuracy

Direct Marketing List Pull

  • Dynamic Report Models provide list pull functionality to the end user
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface; no programming or scripting is required
  • Direct Marketing lists can be saved for distribution to other users, or for later modification

Campaign Attribution and Promotion Sensitivity

  • Sales can be attributed to a particular campaign or catalog
  • Analyzes marketing activity that led up to that customer’s purchase
  • Reports activities that produce the most number of orders and/or profit

Customer Lifetime Value

  • Net Present Value of projected profit realized on an average new customer
  • Develop new marketing strategy and tactics
  • Provides a solid picture of new customers and sources that generated them

Market Basket-Affinity Analysis

  • Provide detailed information to understand the purchase behavior of a buyer
  • Develop new marketing strategy and tactics
  • Provides a solid picture of product class affinity

IoT Points of Failure Analytics

  • Deliver asset specific information about performance trending
  • Algorithmic failure probability and risk scoring
  • Maintenance recommendations Custom Models
  • Additional models can be built and deployed based on specific customer requirements
  • Marketing ROI
  • Customer analytics and scoring
  • Churn analysis
  • Financials and profitability
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Operations optimization
  • Failure analysis
  • Call center monitoring
  • Fraud prevention
  • Time, location, and demographic comparisons

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