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Real results, real fast

Sales – Increase Profit by 4%

“We knew that sales were up at certain times of the year, but when we could finally look at the data we were able to plan for these spikes. This took a big burden off our managers and eliminated ordering guesswork. Less waste and fewer out of stock items equaled 4% more profit for the quarter.”

Inventory – Decrease costs by 6%

“Using the Inventory Solution we were able to immediately recognize that there were meaningful price differences in supply costs from different regions. A few simple adjustments to our vendor selection saved us 6% on those purchases in the first month alone.”

Labor – Decrease costs by 5%

“By viewing worker and store performance over time, we identified several gaps and overlaps across our schedule. The changes we made left us with better coverage at crucial times and the reductions saved us 5% on our labor costs.”

Loyalty & Promotion – Increase Profits by 1.5%

“Seeing the relationship between customer reviews and our financial data led us to alter a promotion so we no longer discounted a popular new item. The change increased our profit per ticket by 1.5% over the life of the offer.”

  • Eliminate ordering guesswork
  • Ease manager’s workload
  • Reduce waste
  • Identify price differences
  • Compare costs by region
  • Streamline vendor selection
  • Save on purchases
  • Eliminate scheduling overlaps
  • Maximize promotional offerings

Connect all of your data to optimize restaurant operations

Managing a restaurant is hard work, but having access to accurate and timely business data can help you take the first step to making that work easier. For a restaurant that needs to make informed business decisions, the necessary data comes from restaurant point of sale systems (POS), inventory management systems, labor systems, restaurant management software, and a wide variety of other restaurant computer systems. Integrating this data and combining it with your knowledge and experience is a Big Data challenge.

The Actus Data Smart Restaurant Solution provides cloud-based data analytics software built for restaurants on a cloud platform designed to answer this challenge. We integrate and orchestrate data from your internal operating systems including inventory, payroll, operations and point of sale systems (POS) and then provide the advanced analytics dashboard structure to help you visualize what you need to transform data into action.

Whether you are looking for enhanced financial reporting, performance tracking (over time, by location, by customer demographics, and more), or variance from a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Actus Data delivers the analytics, dashboards, and visualizations you need to drive better results.

You have questions, the Smart Restaurant Solution has answers

161101 lifecycleThe Smart Restaurant Solution is designed to cover the complete Data Analytics Lifecycle. From data acquisition to automating actions, all of our modular components can be used independently to meet the needs of your restaurant.  As your business grows and your needs change, Actus Data will still be there for you. From simple to the most complex, we’ve got you covered.

  • Sales Analytics – Evaluate the latest data to make informed decisions and increase performance
  • Inventory Management – Control costs and predict needs with greater accuracy than ever before
  • Labor Optimization – Ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time
  • Marketing, Loyalty, and Promotions – Systematically build new business and turn casual visitors into regulars
  • Automation – Receive system-driven notifications and reports via email, the web, and other methods

Now is the time to transform this data into action

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“Actus Data has made my life a ton easier. I am now able to provide our operators and executive team with timely results to identify actionable opportunities – and we are only scratching the surface of where we can go.”
Joe Dennen, CFO
Tokyo Joe’s

“Actus Data provides data analytics capabilities as good as any that I have seen in my 20 years in the restaurant industry, at a fraction of the cost I would have expected.”
Steve Oldham, Co-Founder & CEO
Tucanos Brazillian Grill

  • Secure, cloud-based restaurant analytics
  • Implementation in as little as 48 hours
  • Affordable, pay as you go pricing
  • Pre-built dashboards and visualizations
  • Ad-hoc and self-serve analytics
  • Customizable reports and outputs
  • User-friendly restaurant Business Intelligence
  • Advanced predictive analytics
  • Automated tasks and notifications

Use Cases – See the Smart Restaurant Solution in action

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If you are struggling with data that is hidden in different systems and silos, wrestling piles of complicated and error-prone spreadsheets, and missing the value-added metrics, KPIs, and insights that will give you a competitive advantage, Actus Data has the solution.

Contact us to discuss what the Actus Data next-generation analytics platform and your data can do for you.

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