prescriptive2See repeatable success. Prescriptive Analytics go beyond predicting outcomes by actually suggesting and automating  the action you can take to achieve a desired result. The Smart Enterprise Engine continuously learns from every transaction. Prescriptive Analytics Automation will improve operating accuracy and efficiency and drive organizational strategic alignment.

Transform data into action.

The ability to Automate Actions is core to what sets Actus Data part. It  is our core belief that the ability to transform data into action is how we deliver maximum value to our customers.  Our goal is to guide our customers each step of the way along their a data analytics journey so that they can reach their desired destination using descriptive, diagnostic, predictive or prescriptive analytics.


What the analytics tell you Actus Data can automatically
• A customer is about to defect accept_32 Email a promotional coupon
• An items stock level is seasonal accept_32Alert operations and sales
• Two items have correlated purchase patterns accept_32Notify Marketing
• A customer is likely to buy accept_32Queue a call in CRM


  • Marketing ROI
  • Customer analytics and scoring
  • Churn analysis
  • Financials and profitability
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Operations optimization
  • Failure analysis
  • Call center monitoring
  • Fraud prevention
  • Time, location, and demographic comparisons

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