advanced Business AnalyticsThe Actus Data Smart Enterprise Engine is the advanced analytics platform designed to provide you with the Business Intelligence you need to make better business decisions. Whether you are looking at 10 GB or 100 TB of data, advanced analytics drive the actionable insights you need to make better decisions, reduce risk, and improve results across every part of your business.

The Actus Data Smart Enterprise Engine is a comprehensive data analytics platform that works across every stage of the Data Analytics Lifecycle. It is designed to provide small and medium sized businesses with data analysis tools and affordable Business Intelligence solutions that transform data into action.

Data Visualization for improved Business Intelligence

Acquire Data – The Smart Enterprise Engine includes data connections to integration of structured and unstructured data from virtually any source. Within days your data is loaded and ready for predictive analysis.

Clarify Understanding – Descriptive analytics deliver scorecards, visualizations, and dashboards that provide a 360 degree perspective of your data. Actus Data enables you to see new relationships, unearth critical details, and share outputs with other stakeholders while showing an accurate and timely view of what has happened in your business.

Discover Opportunity – Actus Data makes the diagnostic analytics process intuitive. We empower you to better understand why things happen in your business and easily discover unique insights that may have been hidden in your data. Actus Data modeling tools drive innovation and put you in control of your data.

Predict Events – We deliver advanced predictive analytics to determine the drivers of performance so you can apply that knowledge to drive future success. Actus Data applies sophisticated statistical and algorithmic predictive modeling to identify risks and produce new opportunities. Using more than simple trend analysis you will be empowered to make decisions with increased accuracy and determine the actions necessary to reach your objectives.

Automate Actions – Actus Data gives you the power to easily and automatically leverage Big Data analytics to impact your operations by consistently executing the actions that have proven successful. With prescriptive analytics the Smart Enterprise Engine learns from every transaction so while you use automation to improve performance, you also refine your strategies and improve outcomes.

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  • Operations optimization
  • Failure analysis
  • Call center monitoring
  • Fraud prevention
  • Time, location, and demographic comparisons
  • Marketing ROI
  • Customer analytics and scoring
  • Churn analysis
  • Financials and profitability
  • Market Basket Analysis

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