Bernard Marr writes in Forbes that there are four things every business needs to consider when building Big Data infrastructure – data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization.

All of these components working together enable businesses to get value out of their Big Data projects, but each has its own challenges.

As Marr points out, building the individual components internally requires resources and capital. If a company chooses to go with a service provider, there are many vendors to pick from, but most address only one piece of the puzzle.

This can leave the buyer with a hodgepodge of purchased and built components that need to be integrated and managed, resulting in more costs.

The solution is find a partner who can service the entire lifecycle. Companies like Actus Data provide infrastructure requirements like collection and storage, as well as analytic and visualization capabilities within a single subscription offering. This makes management and implementation simple.

If you want to make Big Data work for your business, you don’t have to consider four things, you only need to make one call to Actus Data.