They say “a picture’s worth a thousand words”. So, Actus Data delivers reports, dashboards and visualizations that let you see deeper into your data. Get a complete view of your data unlike any before. This is where you start using analytics to answer questions and solve problems.

Descriptive Analytics answer the question “what has happened” from your data. They are the simplest and most common types of analytics.  Almost 80% of all business analytics fall into this category. Likes, posts, pins, check-ins and followers are all examples of social descriptive analytics.

Some other examples of descriptive analytics are….

Daily Stats Image3

Critical Indicators and KPIs – quickly review the data and metrics that are key to business success.   Real time and “drillable” information that will help drive fact driven decision making.


Maps and Geo-location – present data to users in a visually relevant way that will highlight important information “at a glance.”



Customers receive significant value from our platform at each step of the lifecycle. Many of our customers start with reports, visualizations and descriptive analytics. They quickly realize that they can do much more. Once they see the power and flexibility of our platform and solutions, the sky ‘s the limit.

An MIT study shows a direct connection between efficient data usage and productivity increases of up to 6%.

If a company generates $250,00 in revenue per employee, 6% equates to an increase of $15,000 for each employee.

Whatever your individual needs may be, we can help. Complete the form below and let us demonstrate what the Actus Data Smart Enterprise Engine analytics platform can do for your business.

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