See new possibilities. Actus Data and diagnostic analytics make the process of understanding your critical data intuitive. We empower you to easily discover critical insights in your data that may have been hidden in your customer histories, opportunity pipelines, or product inventories.

Discover WHY things happen in your business with Diagnostic Analytics. Now that you know their root cause, you can be more agile, innovative and proactive. Roll up and drill down into your data and see correlations that make you make more confident business decisions.

Our customers use diagnostic analytics to find out why:



Labor and Overtime Trending – Clear and concise information about current labor hours.   Overtime alerts highlight potential overtime hours before they happens.  Giving you proactive control of potential OT costs.




Email Marketing Attribution –  Gain insight into the effectiveness of your marketing spend.  Analyze how specific marketing activities are impacting sales, store traffic and website visits.

If you are spending too much time wrangling data and not enough time using it to drive value- you need Actus Data.

Stop spending 80% of your time organizing your data and 20% analyzing it. Let us help you flip the equation.

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