In the article Data Literacy Will Make You Invincible, Shelly Palmer offers some great insights into why it is important for executives to become data literate, and get into the game of understanding how to transform data into action.

First, we certainly agree with the assertion that as the velocity of data is increasing and will always increase, so too will the need for data literacy. It is critical that business leaders stay ahead of the curve to maintain competitive advantage, and Palmer rightly advises that they jump headlong into the game.

Second, he is also correct that business leaders do not necessarily need to know everything about “how” to transform data into action through the processes of data Transformation, Learning, and Prediction.

There are tools, partners, and services that can help executives jump the curve on data literacy and move immediately into transforming data into action. Actus Data combines technology, expertise, and professional services to deliver outcomes quickly, and minimizes the requirements for data fluency and technical know-how. This enables business operators to use industry-specific knowledge to achieve data-driven results, best the competition, and ultimately, become invincible.