See into the future. Determine the drivers of performance and apply that knowledge to drive future success. Actus Data can exploit patterns in historical and transactional data to identify risks and opportunities. Guide your decisions with increased accuracy and determine the actions necessary to reach your goals.

Predictive Analytics let you see what will happen.  The Actus Data Smart Enterprise Engine uses predictive models, scores and machine learning behind the scenes, so all you need to worry about is what business problem you are looking to solve.

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Business users in any role and any industry can benefit from predictive analytics.  There’s no limit on how you can drive your business forward once you start using predictive analytics. The excitement and satisfaction that come from answering questions and solving problems using predictive analytics are contagious within most organizations.

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When You Want to Know Actus Data Provides
• If customers are about to defect Daccept_32efection Risk Score
• Which items are most likely to be purchased together accept_32Market Basket Analysis
• When customers are likely to buy and what they will spend accept_32RFM Scores
• Which products are most likely to interest specific customers accept_32Product Affinity Analysis


  • Know which customers are going to buy
  • Know what your customers want to buy
  • Know your marketing ROI
  • Know who are your most profitable customers
  • Know what products to cross-sell
  • Know how to reduce churn
  • Know how to reduce overtime
  • Know how to price products
  • Know when fraud is likely
  • Know how to reduce risk

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