The Company

The Company is a growing casual dining restaurant chain with seventy-five locations spread across the Southwest.

Data Sourcesaloha_menulink_hotschedules-05The Challenge

Growth Increases Labor Management Headaches – The combination of systems and processes used by the Company to engage and allocate labor resources made it more and more difficult for store managers to get the info they needed on the front lines. These systems also failed to provide the insights necessary for management to effectively run the business. For managers and executives alike, getting a handle on labor cost, overtime, employee retention, and customer satisfaction was practically impossible. The Company knew they could do better and that they had the necessary data, they just lacked the required capabilities.

The Solution

The Smart Restaurant Solution – Actus Data deployed the comprehensive Smart Restaurant Solution and delivered significantly improved insights into Company labor data. The Company gained a 360-degree view of employee time, including turnover. From there, they optimized staffing levels to match everything from sales trends to weather predictions. Actus Data also provided dashboards and visualizations with the forecasts, KPIs, time dimensions, and other metrics that were used streamline the entire labor management process.

The Result
Reduced Complexity, Better Results – Easy access to historical data and the addition of predictive analytics helped the Company optimize staffing levels. Employees were used more effectively and customers received more consistent service. The ability to understand performance against targets in a timely way made it possible for the Company to adjust resource allocations in time to impact results and improve forecasting accuracy. Automated alerts reduced overtime costs by more than 10%. With the advanced analytics capabilities supplied by Actus Data, the Company fine-tuned labor management, increased profits, improved employee retention, and enhanced the customer experience.

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