The Company

The Company is a prize winning, multi-concept restaurant company with an international footprint. They have significant presence in the media, branded products available on line and in store, and a broad reaching customer loyalty program.

Data Sourcesaloha_compeat_hotschedules-04The Challenge

Increasing Upsell – The Company had anecdotal evidence that certain items sell well along with others, but lacked the capabilities necessary to come up with hard data. They wanted to improve the customer experience and drive higher check totals by providing service staff with recommendations that worked. They also wanted to fine-tune menu development and marketing promotions by matching desirable and profitable items to boost the bottom line. With different systems deployed in different locations, and without advanced analytics, this was practically impossible.

The Solution

The Smart Restaurant Solution – Actus Data deployed the comprehensive Smart Restaurant Solution to bring Constant Contact and Aloha data together into a single self-service portal. The Villa started using analytics that combined email stats and POS data to deliver attribution insights related to specific email campaigns. Actus Data also provided dashboards and visualizations that include KPIs, metrics, time dimensions, and other calculations to give a clear picture of how email promotions impact sales.

The Result

Data Analytics Fills the Gaps – The Market Basket Analysis component of the Actus Data Smart Restaurant Solution enabled the Company to integrate POS and Compeat data to know with certainty which items sold well together. The Company could also use this data to predict which combinations would drive positive outcomes in the future. As part of the Solution, they also received a wide range of other KPIs and metrics through dashboards and visualizations on their customized portal. From the C-suite and marketing department to their floor managers, Actus Data provided the Company with the insights they needed to transform data into action – and profit.

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