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Hospitality Technology’s article and survey results about the ways restaurant technology can improve operations offers some good insights, but overlooks biggest opportunity that is created by increasing technology adoption within the industry– and that is the preponderance of data that is produced by all of this technology. From the POS to the back office, new technologies create reams of data that when intelligently organized and analyzed, can drive even further improvements and higher profits.

The obstacles that restaurant operators see in the way of broader technology adoption are also noteworthy, but should not stop restauranteurs from investing in technology. With 39% citing security concerns, 36% citing the time it takes to fix problems, and 35% highlighting a lack of IT expertise, it is clear that operators would benefit from a partner to help navigate technical waters, and not simply a vendor who will sell a product and move on to the next customer.

Actus Data helps meet this need, and provides the expertise required to bring data from disparate systems together, and transform data into action. With best-in-class security as well as an affordable subscription model, restaurant operators do not need big IT budgets or technical know-how to get advanced analytics. And, with Actus Data’s flexible Smart Restaurant Solution, the types of technology and data that can be analyzed are almost limitless.

Regardless of the tools and tech that restauranteurs use to improve operations, it is important to remember that there is an even bigger prize waiting in the data, and selecting the right analytics partner can be the difference between capitalizing on that opportunity and missing the boat.