The Company – Tokyo Joe’s is a fast-casual restaurant with an Asian influenced menu that focuses on natural proteins, wild seafood, organic produce, and healthy eating overall. They are headquarted outside of Denver and currently have 31 locations in Colorado and Arizona.

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The Challenge – Valuable financial and other performance data was trapped in a variety of disparate source systems.

“Before Actus Data, our ability to analyze data was limited by the significant amount of time
it took to collect, organize, and manipulate downloads from our three main systems. It took
weeks to provide store level performance and by then the information was out-of-date.”
Joe Dennen, CFO.

The Solution – Once Actus Data deployed the Smart RestaurantSolution across Tokyo Joe’s business, they started reaping a wide range of dramatic benefits:

  • A 360 Degree View of the Data – Regardless of the source, now they can see their data, key metrics,
    and comparables by time and location, versus budget and forecast, and more with the click of a button.

“We have quick drill down capability to up-to-date data and our complete history all in one place”

  • Reduced Reporting Time – The time it takes to produce end-of-month reports has been cut by one third
    and this has translated into a significant increase in actionable insights and clearly improved results.

“We are using more timely data in executive meetings to drive better decision making”

  • Improved Accuracy – Whether it is the result of entering a number with the wrong sign or pasting the
    wrong column into a spreadsheet, the ability to dig into every account and see all the details means
    cleaner data and better outputs.

“I can see source system errors quickly and fix them right away”

  • Reduced Cost – On top of all the other benefits, Tokyo Joe’s is saving enough money to pay for the
    Smart Restaurant Solution and then some.

“We were able to cancel a subscription to an expensive and limited reporting tool”

The Result

“Actus Data has made my life a ton easier. I am now able to provide our operators and executive team with timely results to identify actionable opportunities, and we are only scratching the surface of where we can go.”


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