The Company – Tucanos is a growing casual dining restaurant based in Denver that has nine locations spread across six states from Virginia to New Mexico. They serve Brazilian Churrascaria style food where freshly grilled meats and vegetables are selected at the table.

Data Sourcesmicros_compeat_hotschedules

The Challenge

Difficulty Getting a Complete Picture – Although Tucanos had access to reporting tools, analyzing their
sales, inventory, accounting, and labor data over a financial calendar was a lengthy manual process.
Bringing accounting and operational metrics together required multiple exports, cutting and pasting, excel
formulas, and calculated cells. Even without the inevitable errors that were part of this effort, the results
were out-of-date as soon as they were completed.

The Solution

The Smart Restaurant Solution – Actus Data deployed the comprehensive Smart Restaurant Solution to
bring Compeat, HotSchedules, and Micros data together into a single self-service portal. KPIs, metrics,
location and time dimensions, and other calculations were embedded directly into a defined data model
relating the disparate sources and enabling advanced analytics.

“Actus Data provides data analytics capabilities as good as any that I have seen in my
twenty years in the restaruant industry, at a fraction of the cost I would have expected.”
Steve Oldham, Co-Founder and CEO

The Result

Reduced Labor Cost, Timely Results, Better Business – Financial and operational analyses and
quarterly reporting that used to take more than twenty-five exports and days of work are now available
on-demand, saving thousands of dollars per year in administrative costs. Integrated, easily accessible,
and interactive accounting and operations data have empowered Tucanos to isolate business drivers.
This allows operators to quickly respond to business and customer needs. Along with menu and inventory
optimization, Tucanos was able to reduce overtime costs while ensuring proper staffing when demand
peaks. They have also cancelled a subscription to an expensive, but limited third party reporting system.

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