The Company

The Villa is family restaurant that has been in business for over fifty years. They are located in Wayland,
MA and have a loyal following.

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The Challenge

Understanding the ROI of Email Marketing – The Villa had a very evolved email marketing program.
They regularly sent thousands of emails to loyalty program members, regular customers, and casual
visitors with a wide variety of promotions. They always knew that these promotions drove traffic, but were
never able to connect the dots between promotions offered and real revenue.

The Solution

The Smart Restaurant Solution – Actus Data deployed the comprehensive Smart Restaurant Solution to bring Constant Contact and Aloha data together into a single self-service portal. The Villa started using analytics that combined email stats and POS data to deliver attribution insights related to specific email campaigns. Actus Data also provided dashboards and visualizations that include KPIs, metrics, time dimensions, and other calculations to give a clear picture of how email promotions impact sales.

The Result

Reduced Complexity, Better Results – The Villa was surprised to learn that response rates for 10% off
promotions were essentially the same as those for 15% off. They learned that they made more money per check for “% off” deals than they did for “$ off” deals. They also learned that casual visitors could be turned into loyalty club members with a small promotion. They gained valuable insights into the relationships between email clicks and opens and sales, subject lines and local events, and much more. This broader understanding and targeted analytics capabilities enabled The Villa to fine tune their email campaigns, reduce the number of promotions they offer, and drive higher sales.

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